Mission Speakers MS Series provides extraordinary sound with superb value for the money. The range elevates the brand's classic, audiophile sound to the next level by providing a modern and engaging musical experience. MX fuses Mission's signature strengths with leading technology to present a range of speakers which will suit the home audio needs of every listener.


In designing hi-fi loudspeakers, the best aesthetics are those that appeal visually and enhance product function. Mission’s 76 Series has been conceived, developed and engineered according to these principles. The Series is constructed using a high quality cuboid enclosure with a lateral wrap and an advanced composite MDF cabinet for a flawless balance in frequency response. Each model in the 76 Series is capable of delivering audiophile standards of accuracy, imaging, grip and dynamism.


The Mission 79SE series revisions have brought a new level of musicality to this range. These SE (Sonically Enhanced) designs, introduce a number of new acoustic improvements while maintaining their sleek look. The principal modification is the addition of a new silk-dome tweeter mounted on a die-cast waveguide to improve dispersion and midrange integration with the bass-mid unit. This unit is mounted on an elastomer cushion to produce a smoother, cleaner and more detailed treble performance.

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