The Mission 79SE series revisions have brought a new level of musicality to this range. These SE (Sonically Enhanced) designs, introduce a number of new acoustic improvements while maintaining their sleek look. The principal modification is the addition of a new silk-dome tweeter mounted on a die-cast waveguide to improve dispersion and midrange integration with the bass-mid unit. This unit is mounted on an elastomer cushion to produce a smoother, cleaner and more detailed treble performance.

The 79SE series also utilizes Mission’s newest ‘perfect phase’ crossover technology, engineered to provide seamless integration between the drive units. The audible result is a consistent performance over the whole speaker bandwidth, with a highly stable stereo soundstage that enhances the enjoyment of your listening experience. With years of audiophile expertise built-in, the SE’s bring back the iconic Mission sound –– modern design married to a powerful sonic performance.

TFCT (Transverse Folded Cabinet Technology)
We use two U-shaped sections bonded into each other to form a box, creating a structure that is much stronger and more rigid than other alternative methods. The U-coupled front and rear baffle greatly reduces cabinet vibration and coloration.

Mission’s ‘Paramid’ driver consists of Aramid polymer fibres with incredible tensile strength that are sandwiched between two stiffer pulp layers. This creates a cone which is very light and stiff, yet has superb internal damping. The internal damping drastically reduces cone-induced distortion by absorbing the transverse waves that travel through the cone following an impulse.

Viotex is an extremely fine weave material which is both incredibly light and very strong. Capable of moving at incredibly high speeds with minimal inertia, Viotex improves the upper frequency response band limit and improves the detail resolution. It is incredibly natural and relaxed in performance.

Keraform (Ceramic Matrix Cone)
‘Keraform’ ceramic matrix drivers set new standards in their class. Unlike the so-called ‘ceramic hardening’ applied to aluminium cones, Keraform is a true ceramic material. Having a greater stiffness-to-mass ratio than any previous drive unit material, performance for midrange performance, transient attack and detail resolution is exceptional.

Viscous laminated treble unit
The viscous laminated high-frequency dome treble unit offers exceptionally smooth high frequency performance with a superior off-axis response . The voice-coil design is optimized to provide minimal compression at high volume levels, with an ultra-fast transient response.

D2IS (Damped driver isolation system)
The unique D2IS system is designed to reduce the effect of front baffle vibrations on the hi-fi unit’s output. A low profile neodymium magnet enables the treble unit housing to be fully contained within the front baffle––increasing the decoupling of the treble and bass units. This also eliminates virtually all unwanted mechanical and definition, particularly through the vital crossover region.