Mission Speakers MS Series provides extraordinary sound with superb value for the money. The range elevates the brand's classic, audiophile sound to the next level by providing a modern and engaging musical experience. MX fuses Mission's signature strengths with leading technology to present a range of speakers which will suit the home audio needs of every listener.

Drive Units
The MX Series encompasses Missions highly acclaimed 25mm silk dome treble unit and advanced bass units to reproduce intricate musical detail cleanly and without distortion. The latter possesses an advanced fiber cone formulation to provide strength and rigidity, while maintaining the lightweight dynamics to produce a seamless bass and midrange reproduction.

Motor systems
Our motor systems behind the drivers are a product of the highest quality engineering. The engineers have gone back to basics, redesigning each drive unit from the ground up and rethinking how the drive unit interacts with the physical speaker itself. This drive unit system provides a vibrant, stirring presentation for every MX user.

Our highly sophisticated crossover networks are designed so that all driver units are well-integrated to produce a coherent sound. The quality passive components used are only found in loudspeakers of the highest quality.

In-Grille Wave Guide
The front grill incorporates an integral waveguide, allowing the treble unit to blend with the midrange output in a completely natural way. For the first time you can hear hi-fi speakers produce their designed performance without having to remove the grills.